About Our Company

As a company that has stood the test of time for more than a century, Eckhardt & Johnson continues to grow, thanks to our core values and commitment to our customers.

We believe in keeping pace with industry innovations while offering as many services in-house as possible in order to ensure quality control and customer satisfaction.

Family owned and operated, Eckhardt & Johnson is now represented and strengthened by the third generation of the original founders.

Our team has witnessed, in some cases firsthand, the commitment and sacrifice required of running a successful business, regardless of challenges within the industry or economy.

Guided by our commitment to our customers first and foremost, Eckhardt & Johnson embraces the Golden Rule of treating everyone we work with the way we want to be treated, while offering industry-leading solutions that our predecessors would be proud of.

Proud of our legacy  and reputation for industry excellence,
Eckhardt & Johnson is always looking to the future, eager to empower our clients with innovative solutions while prioritizing quality, trust, and exceptional customer service.

Core Values

For more than 100 years, Eckhardt & Johnson has nurtured relationships with our customers, colleagues, and employees based on our core values and commitment to excellence. In fact, some of our client relationships have spanned more than forty years.

Since the very beginning, when our company first launched in 1917, we have placed an emphasis on the following core values, each one a guiding principle in how we do business, how we position our brand within the industry, how we represent ourselves to our clients, and how we treat each other:


We stand behind every project we complete, confident in our efforts, start to finish.


Since inception, we’ve adhered to the principle, “do it right the first time or not at all,” underscoring our commitment to quality control and customer satisfaction.


Even after a project is completed, we remain on call for our clients to ensure their satisfaction with our work is constant.


There is no shortage of competition in our industry; trust is what sets our brand apart and empowers our customers..


Our legacy is built on our relationships and commitment to quality. For that reason, we place a premium on customer service


Our focus on relentless improvement guarantees results that exceed customer expectations.

Why Work With E&J?


Our unmatched expertise and reputation compel even competitors to refer clients to us.

Founded by family and fostered by subsequent generations, we treat every customer the way we would want someone to treat us, our colleagues, friends, and family members.

We are proud of our company’s history and long-standing reputation.

As we look to the future, we anticipate even greater success because we love what we do and have nurtured a team that reflects our passion and commitment to our customers

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