Indian Motorcycle HVAC,Plumbing, Design-Build | E & J

Indian Motorcycle HVAC,Plumbing, Design-Build | E & J

Indian Motorcycle

E&J Mechanical delivered a full-scale HVAC and plumbing solution for the new Indian Motorcycle dealership in N. Hampton, NH, working closely with DeStefano & Associates, Inc. on this design-build project. Our team designed and installed a comprehensive system that includes boilers, system pumps, split system AHUs, condensers, and AC split systems, ensuring optimal climate control throughout the showroom, work area, and office spaces. To maintain indoor air quality, we implemented an ERV system for efficient ventilation and a custom vehicle exhaust system capable of accommodating multiple motorcycles. Despite space constraints on the equipment deck, our team successfully navigated the challenges by leveraging our prefabrication capabilities for the boiler plant and water heater, streamlining the installation process. This project showcases E&J’s ability to develop and execute tailored solutions that address the specific needs of unique commercial spaces.

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603 Brewery HVAC Design & Installation | Eckhardt & Johnson

603 Brewery

Our team was proud to partner with 603 Brewery in Londonderry, NH, to design and install an efficient and reliable HVAC system for their new brewery and beer hall. The project presented unique challenges due to the specific temperature and humidity control requirements essential for the brewing process. We implemented a customized solution that ensures optimal brewing conditions, as well as comfort for patrons in the taproom and event spaces. This successful collaboration highlights our expertise in commercial HVAC systems and our commitment to supporting local businesses within our community.

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Hunt Community HVAC & Plumbing | Eckhardt & Johnson

Hunt Community

E&J Mechanical collaborated with Harvey Construction on the Hunt Monroe Addition, an exciting expansion of the Hunt Community in Nashua, NH. Our team was responsible for the mechanical and plumbing scope of this 4-story, 12-apartment building. We designed and installed a new boiler plant, energy-efficient cooling units for each apartment, and a ventilation system featuring an energy recovery unit for optimal indoor air quality. Additionally, we provided all domestic water systems, waste, and venting for the addition, including two commercial water heaters and a duplex sewage pump station. To streamline the installation process and ensure top-quality results, we leveraged our in-house prefabrication capabilities for key components. This project demonstrates E&J’s dedication to delivering customized solutions that prioritize comfort, functionality, and energy efficiency within residential developments.

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Timberlane High School HVAC & Plumbing | Eckhardt & Johnson

Timberlane High School

Our team was honored to work with Timberlane High School in Plaistow, NH, on two critical projects: Water Heater upgrades and Boiler Plant upgrades. We successfully replaced aging and inefficient equipment with state-of-the-art, high-efficiency systems. For the Water Heater project, we installed two standalone gas-fired water heaters, while the Boiler Plant project included three new high-efficiency gas-fired boilers, along with new circulator and injection pumps. Our advanced 3D modeling and prefabrication processes allowed for precise installation and minimal disruption to the school’s operations. By integrating the new heat plant into the existing piping system during the heating season, we ensured a seamless transition without any downtime. These upgrades will provide reliable, energy-efficient heating and hot water for the school, creating a comfortable learning environment for students and staff.

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Nashua Performing Arts Center HVAC | Eckhardt & Johnson

Nashua Performing Arts Center

The Nashua Center for the Arts serves as a captivating beacon in Nashua’s downtown, drawing in both residents and visitors with its rich cultural offerings. Located on Main Street in Nashua, the NCA is a vibrant cultural hub that hosts a diverse range of events, including nationally touring musicians, live comedy, theatrical productions, and enchanting children’s performances. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, the Center bridges the gap between artists and art enthusiasts, cultivating a thriving creative community. It provides an exceptional platform for world-class talent, offering visitors the opportunity to experience top-tier performances within their local community. The NCA’s dedication to nurturing artistic appreciation and fostering creativity among all age groups contributes significantly to the city’s vibrant arts scene. As it continues to illuminate Nashua’s artistic spirit, the Nashua Center for the Arts remains a cherished destination, inviting everyone to immerse themselves in the world of captivating performances and unforgettable memories…