Timberlane High School

Our team was honored to work with Timberlane High School in Plaistow, NH, on two critical projects: Water Heater upgrades and Boiler Plant upgrades. We successfully replaced aging and inefficient equipment with state-of-the-art, high-efficiency systems. For the Water Heater project, we installed two standalone gas-fired water heaters, while the Boiler Plant project included three new high-efficiency gas-fired boilers, along with new circulator and injection pumps. Our advanced 3D modeling and prefabrication processes allowed for precise installation and minimal disruption to the school’s operations. By integrating the new heat plant into the existing piping system during the heating season, we ensured a seamless transition without any downtime. These upgrades will provide reliable, energy-efficient heating and hot water for the school, creating a comfortable learning environment for students and staff.

Let us know if you’d like additional information about the  solutions and techniques used in the Timberlane High School projects!